Irreverent and Modern


Our client, a young executive in financial services, was ready to add value to the South End classic duplex brownstone condo that she purchased two years prior. She engaged the services of Buyuk Interiors to design and manage the overhaul of her master bath, kitchen, powder room/laundry, and living room. Lisa was inspired by her client’s quirky irreverent style, love of angles, asymmetry and pops of color in her existing space. She used this to develop a plan that put the emphasis on preserving the light, airy quality of the spaces while improving their overall function and quality of materials.

Soft grey serves as the backdrop that connects each space to one another, enhancing flow throughout the unit. Punctuations of bright color in the upholstery, artwork and finish materials add visual interest and personality. Luxury materials like unlacquered brass, marble, custom lighting and millwork bring a modern fresh bespoke vibe to the space. The overall effect adds value to the property while evoking the spirit of the owner’s youthful modern lifestyle.