Urban Bachelor


Having paid off his medical school loans, this client engaged the services of Buyuk Interiors to transform his urban bachelor pad into a space more reflective of the next chapter in his life. Sweeping views of Boston’s urban landscape and Fenway Park provided the backdrop for this contemporary unit in one of Boston’s landmark buildings designed by Frank Gehry. The client’s on-call lifestyle necessitated his need for turnkey design services. Lisa drew from the client’s love of the cityscape and fashion to inform the creative direction for the space.

Lisa developed a masculine color palette defined by warm browns, greys, and black textiles that she juxtaposed against a crisp white background, drawing subtle allusions to men’s suiting. Contemporary European furnishings spoke to the client’s modern urban lifestyle, while varying textures of wood, wool and leather reinforced a masculine vibe in the space. Lisa added much needed storage to the space through a new media unit and storage cabinet in the guest bedroom/office. The result was a curated modern urban oasis well-suited to this young bachelor’s new life.